D'Orsay Room
The D'Orsay room at the Vanessa Noel Hotel is one of our larger rooms with a sofa and beautiful fireplace mantel. Located on the corner of the second floor this room also boasts beautiful light.
Platform Room
A historical semi-circular window in the bedroom and slanted ceilings make the for a magically romnatic room. One of our largest rooms, and also largest bathroom, the Platform room is located on the third floor making it one of our most peaceful quite rooms on the property.
Sling Back Room
A medium sized room, The Sling Back room also has one of the largest bathrooms, the only with a bathtub. Located on the second floor and set back from the front of the building, the Sling Back room has beautiful views of the historic town and our garden courtyard on the back.
Flip-Flop Room
The Flip-Flop and Ballerina rooms are our smallest and coziest rooms. They have small bathrooms with the sink and vanity located right outside the bathroom.

Stiletto Room

The Stiletto Room is our largest room at the VNH. A bright peaceful room with 4 large windows and a prime corner location on the second floor of the building will envelope you in luxury. The large bathroom also has a window looking onto the historic village of Nantucket Town.

wi - fi

All guests are provided complinetary wi-fi in their guest rooms and all public areas including the garden courtyard between the Vanessa Noel Hotel and Hotel Green.


The bathrooms at the Vanessa Noel Hotel are filled with the finest amenities from Hermes of Paris. The welcoming sent of D'Orange Vert will make you feel right at home.


Each guestroom has a mini-bar stocked with refreshments including top shelf liquors and wines, to Veuve Clicquot Champagne, and a delicious selection of snacks.